Social togetherness and Volunteering

Social togetherness and Volunteering

Volunteering makes a significant contribution to cohesion and social life in our
city. It is important to me maintain and strengthen this.


– Strengthen Clubs and Organizations! Our society thrives from the mainly
voluntart activities of it's clubs. It is important to me to support the ideas and
activities of clubs and volunteers – especially as we exit this pandemic


– Promote and enable open youth work in all neighbourhoods – working
together to develop new offerings and enhance existing ones and expand them if
necessary. We have to be where the young people and children are. We are on
the right track – but there is more!


– speciality voluntery tasks, which are often beyond the abilities of regular
citizens, is taken on by active emergency services, be it the fire brigade, rescue
service or THW (technical emergency service). I see the importance of keeping
an eye on the future of these as we have to make sure that the operational
readiness is maintained – whether in terms of personnel or equipment. I will put
my efforts towards ensuring this happens.


– Sportstown Melle! We need good conditions for our sport clubs and for
informal sport. I will continue to work to strengthen this.
For me, sporting infrastructure is of vital importance.


– Cultural diversity as an opportunity!! Ensuring that social coexistence
succeeds despite all the differences between people, and that the community is
strengthened, we still need offerings relating to integration and participation for
all. I would like to build on our good offerings and ideas and develop them
further together with those responsible for the administration of clubs,
associations and dedicated people!


– Strengthen, promote and develop further cultural offerings. In the dialogue
and cooperation between the various actors, it is important to me that our
cultural offerings continue to develop for the future.