Live and Life in 8 neighbourhoods

Live and Life in 8 neighbourhoods


Melle lives from it’s variety and diversity of the 8 neighbourhoods. I want it to
stay it that way! For that it needs clear concepts and sustainable planning of
living space.

– Living space for everyone! I advocate for further investment in social and
affordable housing. We need affordable solutions for single-parents and families
as well as for elderly people in all neighbourhoods


– Clear concepts for all neighbourhoods when planning development areas.
Redensification and maintenance of existing properties. Sustainable, ecological
and climate-friendly considerations matter as well as height and compression
have a major role to play.


– More green areas the city! Greener streets and public, not just parks. It can
add colour and vibrancy and increase biodiversity and species diversity – not just
green ground-cover.


– Attractive town centers in all neighbourhoods! We need local suppliers, doctors,
restaurants and public spaces in all parts of the city – for adequate supply as
much as for social meeting points!


– ..and an attractive city-center! For me, this includes retail, as well as
gastronomy, culture and attractive places which promote people to stay, as well
as safe rooms and places for children. A future-oriented, multi-generational city
center concept. This must be developed with all all of the above-mentioned
stakeholders with the participation of all interested citizens.