Future-oriented Education and care

Education means promoting equal opportunities!


That is why I advocate good conditions in education. From nurseries,
kindergarten/daycare centesr to elementary and secondary schools we need
modern and future-oriented concepts for rooms, equipment and learning

– Expansion of early childhood education; we need good, forward-looking
concepts to create more places in nurseries, kindergarten and day care.


– Equippping and expanding Schools in a modern way – I stand up for all
school locations. The existing spaces urgently need to adjust to todays
educational requirements. The same applies to the didactic equipment. In
addition to the expansion of digitization in schools, further modern teaching and
learning material is also required.


– The following applies to all educational institutions: Mobilie solutions can only
ever serve to bridge the shortage of rooms and space. From my point of view, in
the future there will always be a need for a clear and fixed schedule to
discontinue mobile solutions and create permanent, future-oriented spatial
programs. I will work to ensure that the full day, which is growing in importance,
is taken into account.


– For me, the cooperation with all those involved in education in our city is very
important. That is why I will maintain communication with all institutions, school
administration, kindergarten staff, pre-school educators and those responsible in
administration. We need regular communication and meetings in order to jointly
shape concepts for the future.