Climate protection and adaptation

Climate protection and adaptation


Both are the „common threads“ that run through all areas, projects and goals for me. For a future worth living in, the following always applies: think about sustainability as well as environmental and climate protection! We urgently need to promote and implement measures to protect our city and the people who live here from the effects of climate change that has begun. This results in the following steps for me to act.


We need more regenerative power generation in urban and private buildings and we have to continue to promote more energy saving in the renovation of old buildings.

(Advance more renewable electricity generation in urban and private buildings and the energy saving in the renovation of old buildings.)

As a city, we have to be a role model and lead by example. This means building or renovating urban buildings sustainably and with a view to protecting the climate. It is important to push ahead with the construction of new buildings in the passive house standard.


Flood protection has been a central issue for all parts of the city for years. Here, the existing concepts must finally be implemented and further developed. An up-to-date strategy for heavy rain events is required. We need more precautions for rainwater retention and floodplains.


Our forests are not only important for tourism; they are an important aspect for climate protection. In recent years we have seen that large areas of forest are badly damaged. Sustainable afforestation must take place here.


„The coffee-to-go and the quick kebab on hand“ – Many restaurateurs offer take-away food and drinks. Supporting initiatives for sustainable to-go packaging and waste prevention are small steps towards environmental protection on site. A uniform system for the city and the district would be a strong sign.


For a functioning ecosystem we need a variety of plants and animals. I would like to continue promoting and expanding projects on species protection and biodiversity.


The common thread runs through all other subject areas such as living, traffic concepts, participation and dialogue between people, education and social interaction…